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Why a Happy & Healthy Mouth Matters

The MOM & DAD Project

Things have changed since us parents were the little ones going (or not going) to the dentist years ago. I know that the annual exam was never a priority in my house growing up, and often got skipped altogether unless there was some kind of an issue, like tooth pain. READ MORE...

How to Parent

9 Tips para una Disciplina Positiva

The MOM & DAD Project

¿Qué es Disciplinar? Es marcar limites a nuestros hijos, fomentar una relación de respeto y amor entre ellos y nosotros. Enseñarles independencia, solución de problemas, comunicación efectiva, colaboración, crearles una conciencia profunda de sí mismos y de los demás. READ MORE...

How to Parent

7 Ways GOOD Fathers Can Become GREAT Fathers

The MOM & DAD Project

Good fathers have something in common, they want to become better fathers. We’ve all seen ‘bad dads’ in public, yelling at their kids, ignoring the constant youthful requests, or shushing them to be quiet with limited emotional capacity to understand their children’s needs. READ MORE...

How to be a great DAD

El Desarrollo de los Niños Según la Teoria de Piaget

The MOM & DAD Project

El ritmo de aprendizaje de los niños es asombroso. En sus primeros años de vida se produce un desarrollo de su inteligencia y capacidades mentales, como la memoria, el razonamiento, la resolución de problemas o el pensamiento. READ MORE...

How to Raise Your Child

The Pregnancy Diet: 5 foods to eat & 5 to avoid

The MOM & DAD Project

Is there a specific diet that one should be eating while pregnant? Many of us fear the thought of gaining excessive weight and then struggling to lose it after the baby is born. There is so much to think about when pregnant, and our diet seems to be on the forefront of our minds. READ MORE...

How to Raise Your Child

Parenting is Modeling

The MOM & DAD Project

Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his Advice. Our children will not always do what we ask them to do, however, one day they will certainly do what we do. READ MORE...

How to Raise Your Child

Six Needs
We All Have

The MOM & DAD Project

Everyone has needs. Parents have needs and so do our children. Young children remind us all the time! Some of the ways they remind us is by whining, crying, or generally acting out, often because they lack the words to express what their need is at the moment. READ MORE...

How to Raise Your Child

How to Position Your
Baby for Good Latch

The MOM & DAD Project

There is a common myth that breastfeeding is natural and easy. Many first-time mothers experience difficulty with breastfeeding latch, leading to frustration and often discouragement. READ MORE...

How to Raise Your Child

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Great place for parents to learn more about how to raise their kids, lot of parenting skills and great Nurturing Parenting classes.

Walid Wahba

Mom and Dad project has been an answer to my prayers! I love going here, the awesome staff, all the classes and activities and my sons love it too! Absolutely the best!!! I have gained a wealth of knowledge and thank you all for making such an awesome resource and positive environment for me and my family. Cannot say enough good things about this place or it's staff and highly recommend it to anyone with kids.

Amie Buggiani

We LOVE the Mom and Dad Project! Anybody that has some free time should come bring your kid and check out there awesome classes! The Staff is Awesome! Thank you for all your hard work!

Jenn Hearn

The Mom project is such a wonderful and special program. Big Bear families are so lucky to have the opportunity to take such helpful classes and get support from the great staff that run it.

Rebecca Chappell

Thank God for this place! I'm learning so much to be the best parent and provider for my baby Ava Emberose!

Darlene Schrank

I love this program! Its such a great resource! I wish they had something like it in the high desert!

Tiara Shimamoto


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