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There’s a saying, “Parenting is Modeling”. I promote this thought to parents every chance I get. Our children will not always do what we ask them to do, however, one day they will certainly do what we do. They are watching us, and because it is birthed into their little hearts and minds to be pleasing to us, they will follow our example.

I keep this quote in a slideshow rotation on my desktop for an occasional reminder.

Our words are not as strong as our actions, which is why the saying, “Do as I say, not as I do.”, still does not work in teaching children right from wrong (our moral codes) and the important lessons in life.

We send an incongruent message to our little ones when we lecture one thing and act differently. Have you ever lied to someone only to turn and see your child paying close attention? You’ve just modeled that being dishonest is okay. How’s that going to work out when you want them to tell you the truth?

Or, perhaps one of your family rules is “no hitting”, and then you are quick to reinforce that rule with a swat! That little mind is not developed enough to differentiate and is confused when the family rules don’t apply to everyone, including you.

When you practice kindness, your child learns how to be compassionate. When you take time to listen to them, they learn caring. When you express joy in them, they learn they are of value. When we love them unconditionally, they learn their self-worth is not based on performance. Sure, these are big ideas and we use words they still don’t understand, but don’t underestimate how bright children are; more is caught than taught.

Think about this: what are you modeling to your child and how will that show up in their life?

If you would like some help along the way, consider joining us for a class or two centered on learning what else matters in your child’s developing years. We’re here for you.

“Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his Advice.”

Jeff Tunnell
Jeff Tunnell, Father Engagement Coordinator

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Great place for parents to learn more about how to raise their kids, lot of parenting skills and great Nurturing Parenting classes.

Walid Wahba

Mom and Dad project has been an answer to my prayers! I love going here, the awesome staff, all the classes and activities and my sons love it too! Absolutely the best!!! I have gained a wealth of knowledge and thank you all for making such an awesome resource and positive environment for me and my family. Cannot say enough good things about this place or it's staff and highly recommend it to anyone with kids.

Amie Buggiani

We LOVE the Mom and Dad Project! Anybody that has some free time should come bring your kid and check out there awesome classes! The Staff is Awesome! Thank you for all your hard work!

Jenn Hearn

The Mom project is such a wonderful and special program. Big Bear families are so lucky to have the opportunity to take such helpful classes and get support from the great staff that run it.

Rebecca Chappell

Thank God for this place! I'm learning so much to be the best parent and provider for my baby Ava Emberose!

Darlene Schrank

I love this program! Its such a great resource! I wish they had something like it in the high desert!

Tiara Shimamoto


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